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Religious Education

At Weeting CE Primary School, which is built on a deep and long-standing Christian foundation, we provide high-quality learning to enable our children to flourish as citizens in a global community.  Our Christian ethos, sensitive to those of other faiths and none, enables our children and the community we serve to flourish, as they experience religious education for knowledge, wisdom and understanding, hope and dignity,

Pupils receive an RE curriculum that enables them to acquire a rich, deep knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of Christianity, the other 5 main World Faiths and a non religious world view, including  the ways in which each is unique and diverse. "The Emmanuel Project" follows an Enquiry Cycle model around a key question and concept within each unit (Engage / Enquire / Explore / Evaluate / Express). All the units expand the EXPLORE section into three areas (scriptural text or narrative / community practice / daily living) to ensure a balanced approach to religious material which gets to the heart of faith and links together stories, practices, festivals and ways of life. Children have one extended session of RE taught a week. 

Pupils during Religious Education Lessons will...

• learn about religions and world views and their impact on individuals, communities and the wider world.

• develop the religious ‘literacy’ needed to discuss issues of faith and belief in today’s society.

• experience a safe space for them to consider their own ideas and demonstrate respect for others.