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Our Curriculum

At Weeting Primary School our curriculum is valued, specified, well-sequenced and taught to be remembered'.

At Weeting Primary School we believe all of our children have the right to access a high-quality curriculum that is broad and balanced, including rich cultural opportunities. Our ambitious curriculum opens doors for our pupils, encouraging them to be curious about the world around them and broadening their horizons.

We keep powerful knowledge at the heart of our curriculum driving academic excellence and the desire to succeed for all children, regardless of background.

We want our pupils to leave Weeting Primary with the confidence that comes from possessing a store of essential knowledge and equipped with the skills to use it

Our curriculum is valued, carefully sequenced and taught to be remembered.

Reading, writing and mathematics are at the heart of our curriculum, but we also value subject disciplines; teaching science, history, geography, religious education, computing and art as distinct subjects, particularly as our children progress through the school.

Whilst we have an ambitious curriculum, driven by our mission for social equity, we also aim for our curriculum to be very inclusive and our teachers plan carefully to ensure all our children can access the curriculum, removing barriers to learning and achievement.