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This half term in Oak class, we will be continuing our Literacy work based on the book – The 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford. For the first 3 weeks, the children will be focusing on the format and content of explanation texts and will write their own based on a topic from their Science PKC. Following this, they will be working towards writing a balanced argument on whether Alfie should tell Sangeeta his secret. 

In Maths, we will continue with our work on multiplication and division before moving on factors then fractions. Within our work on fractions, we will be covering comparing and ordering; equivalence and simplifying then addition and subtraction. 

In History Oak class will be learning about the Transatlantic Slave Trade and will cover lessons on the origins of the trade, the transatlantic passage, how slaves were treated and end by looking at the abolition of the slave trade.

In Geography we will be learning about mountains, how they are formed, where they are located as well as an in depth study of the Alps and the Himalayas. 

Science this term will cover materials, including their properties, which materials are best in a given context; solubility; how to separate mixtures and which changes are reversible.

In RE we will be looking at the question ‘How does Tawhid create a sense of belonging to the Muslim community?’