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This half term in Oak class we will be continuing our Literacy work based on the book – Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson. Initially the children will be writing a short Narrative retelling Miss Minton’s story, then they will complete the topic with a book review. For the final few weeks of the term we will be studying play-scripts specifically the Weird Sisters scene from Macbeth.

In Maths we will continue to consolidate the children’s calculation strategies as well as covering topics on shape, space, position and direction.

In History Oak class will be learning about the history of Human Rights in Britain and will cover lessons on Human Rights, the Suffragette movement and equality for women and finish by looking at the UN charter for Children’s Rights.

In Geography we will be covering Globalisation following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The unit will show how with increased technology and communications businesses have been able to expand across the globe. We will also cover case studies explaining that with increased competition some industries such as the Leather industry in Northamptonshire have declined.

Science this term will cover Evolution and the concepts of inheritance, variation, adaptation and evolution by natural selection. The children will be taught to think more like palaeontologists, naturalists, biologist and anthropologists (all types of scientists), by using data and diagrams to deduce and draw logical conclusions.

In RE we will be looking at the question ‘ How did Buddha teach his followers to find Enlightenment?’