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Mental Health and Well Being

In our fast and modern world, it is increasingly important to care for our Mental Health and Wellbeing.  At Weeting, underpinned by our Vision of "A cord of three strands is not easily broken", and our three values of friendship, perseverance and creativity, we work together with pupils, families and staff to improve and provide support for mental health and wellbeing. 

The care of mental health and wellbeing at Weeting CE Primary is part of an embedded approach across our school, linking in with other aspects of health education, spiritual development and the wider school curriculum. 

Each of our classrooms have a reflection area where pupils are able to take time out and have time to think, consider and reflect. If children or staff wish to take the opportunity to pray they are invited to do this.

We support our pupils, so they can achieve good educational outcomes even if they are in the face of adversity.  Our aim is to understand the contexts of our children's lives and their families and to be aware when their basic needs are not being met, then support can be tailored appropriately. We work in close partnership with others including parents, health services and local authorities in order to fully appreciate all that is on offer and to be able to help families fully access the best support for their child. 

This runs alongside our robust Safeguarding policies and procedures that are in place, a high quality PSHE curriculum (Cambridge) that supports mental and physical wellbeing as well as personal development and Science lessons where children are able to explore the natural world around us and how to stay healthy amongst other topics. 

We join together for collective worship every morning, make welfare calls through the holidays and have after school clubs to give pupils extra opportunities.

Lunchtime in school is an important part of our school day when children are able to converse and join together to enjoy a meal, all children say grace before we eat and there is a real 'family' feel around our lunchtime, where our Year 6 Lunchtime helpers' team support our youngest children and our MSA team.

We have an open door with a cup of tea for any parent or family member that requires our support.

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