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Lunchtime Helpers

Our 'Lunchtime Helpers' are a great asset to the school. Year 6 children have the opportunity to apply for this role in September and are appointed to assist our Midday Supervisor Assistants.  To be part of the team you need to be someone who is polite, friendly, helpful and willing to take on some responsibility at lunchtime to make it a positive time for our youngest children.

This dedicated team:

  • help younger children to cut their food/open packets
  • carry plates from the servery to the table when needed
  • encourage children to clear their plates away
  • fill and refill glasses of water
  • encourage the younger children to use a knife and fork
  • fetch replacement cutlery when items are dropped on the floor
  • encourage children to use good table manners
  • act as a good role model when talking with others