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Emergency School Closure Procedures

We endeavour to ensure the school remains open at all times but occasionally due to poor weather, problems with the building or other unforeseen circumstances there may be a need to close. If the school needs to close we have a system in place which has so far worked well.

  1. A problem is identified and a decision is made to close the school.
  2. The school updates the Norfolk Schools closure website and lists that the school is closed and the reason for the closure. Parents can access this by clicking on the link on this page.
  3. A text or dojo message is sent informing parents of the closure.
  4. BBC Norfolk lists schools that are closed when it is anticipated many schools may close because of bad weather, etc.
  5. In poor weather a message is put onto the school's website home page indicating if the school is closed.
  6. If a closure is to continue for several days teachers will prepare learning activities for the children.