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This term the children will be exploring the theme “Transport”.  

In Literacy, the children will explore two texts around this theme in depth.  They will be identifying and describing the characters and setting and sequencing the beginning, middle and end of the story. The children will continue to use character props and story maps to develop their retelling skills further.


In our daily Sounds Write phonics sessions we will build on the great start we have made to Unit 1 sounds – “a”, “t” and “s”. Each session will focus on “saying the sounds” (segmenting) and “reading the word” or “writing the word” (blending). The children will complete the remaining sounds “i” and “m”, in Unit 1 before moving on to:

Unit 2 – “n”, “p”, “o”

Unit 3 – “b”, “c”, “g”, “h”

Unit 4 – “d”, “f”, “v”, “e”

In Maths we will be learning how to count, sort and write numerals up to 5 as well as learning how to add and subtract using the concept of “more” and “less”. The children will be learning about the properties of 2D shapes and how to use language such as “next to”, “behind” and “in front of” to describe the position of objects and people.  The children will start to learn the days of the week and how to organise a day into “morning”, “afternoon”, “evening” and “night”. 

We have added further home learning maths bags that support these maths concepts to our collection. If you would like to borrow one of these, please let us know and we will book it out for you. Please upload any photographs of you and your child completing these onto their Tapestry account.

In Understanding of the World, the children will be learning about different types of transport that are used on land, in the air and on water in different countries around the world.  As we move into Autumn, and the days becoming shorter, the children will be learning about keeping safe and the importance of road safety when they are walking to and from school. 


They will be learning about the past, present and future as they talk about George Stephenson’s Rocket steam engine and discover how Ernest Shackleton travelled to the South Pole.  The children will have the opportunity to make their own moving vehicles, learning how to make axles with wooden wheels and dowel.

You will see on the Knowledge Organiser some of the key facts and vocabulary that the children will be learning.

In RE the children will explore the question “Why do Christians perform nativity plays at Christmas?”.  We will begin our learning by discovering what Jesus did as a grown up, exploring different Bible stories. The children will then move on to finding out why Jesus is so important to Christians by exploring the story of The First Christmas and the birth of Jesus.