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This term in Beech Class we are continuing to read "The Legends of King Arthur". We are exploring the story of how Arthur received the sword Excalibur from the Lady in the Lake and formed the Knights of the Round Table. The children will read this text during our Whole Class Reading Sessions and use what they have learnt in order to produce their own stories about Arthur's adventures. This term they will also be writing a Non-Chronological report, learning about non-fiction writing and how this differs from fiction. We will continue to develop our knowledge of different sentence types and their purpose. Our big focus this term is on developing our independence and presentation when writing. The children are being encouraged to use cursive handwriting, learning how to form and join the letters correctly. 

In Maths, the children are continuing to develop their understanding of the four operations, using strategies to help them solve problems related to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our initial focus this term is on Measurement, looking at Mass, Capacity, Volume and Temperature. The children will be learning what units we use to measure and becoming more familiar with reading scales so that they can accurately measure using weighing scales, measuring jugs and thermometers. To support ourselves, we will also be practising counting in multiples, particularly 2s, 5s, and 10s. The Year 2s will also become familiar with counting in 3s to support their growing recognition of times tables. 

In Science this term we are looking at Materials and Magnets, finding out about different everyday materials and their properties. We will be learning why certain materials are used for particular purposes and conducting an investigation. We will also explore and learn about magnets and how they can repel and attract some materials as well as each other. 

In History, we are learning about Prime Ministers and Parliament, finding out about how Parliament came to be, from the Magna Carta in the 11th Century, to the Bill of Rights in the 17th Century. We will also be looking at important historical figures, such as Robert Walpole, Simon DeMontfort, and King James II. By the end of the unit, the children should have an understanding about the powers and role of the Prime Minister and how elections work in the UK. 

In Art we are studying sculpture, developing our skills in using clay to create models and statues. We will learn about 3D art, looking at Degas and his sculpture of the Little Dancer. We will also study the Angel of the North by Gormley. 

In RE, we will be looking at the question: Why do Jewish families say so many prayers and blessings?