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Willow Class

As the children move into their last term in Willow Class it is very fitting that our last enquiry question for the year is:

Where in the world am I?

We are going to be exploring hot and cold places around the world.  As part of our Geography learning we will be looking at maps to find out where jungles, Australasia and Polar Regions can be found and what features you would find in them.  In Science we will be identifying the types of animals that live in these habitats and finding out interesting facts about them.

In English we will be reading stories, poems and information books about animals from hot and cold countries. We are going to be using these texts to help us write our own stories, poems and fact sheets. We are going to continue to practice using capital letters at the start of our sentences and when we are writing the names of countries and people. We will continue to extend the range of interesting words that we can use to describe animals in our writing by finding out about even more adjectives and verbs.

In Maths we will be continuing to learn how to add, subtract, multiple and divide numbers up to 100.  We will expand our understanding of measurement through exploration of time, length and volume.  Through our learning enquiry we will be developing our understanding of directions – going on journeys where we have to describe the turns we are taking and what we can see above, below and in front of us.

In Art we will exploring the work of Henri Rousseau to help us create painted and collage jungle scenes and use natural materials to explore Aboriginal art techniques.  In Design Technology we will be exploring a range of materials to help us create models of jungle and Polar animals. Continuing our very popular cooking sessions we will be learning how to make some traditional dishes from Australasia.  In Music we will be learning about songs and music from different countries and using our Computing skills to capture these on different recording devices so that we can share them with you!

In PE will be focusing on games, in preparation for Sports Day. We have been practising our running, manoeuvring obstacle courses, balancing eggs on spoons and bouncing on space hoppers in readiness for the big day! Please can you make sure that your child has their PE kit, including plasters for anyone with earrings and that all long hair is tied back, with them every week. Our PE sessions take place on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

The final part of our learning enquiry will be a joint trip with all of the Key Stage One classes from across The Trinity Partnership to Banham Zoo. Much of the cost of this trip will be met from the proceeds of our very successful Bake Sale held in the Autumn Term.

Thank you to all our parents who attended our phonics’ check workshop at the end of last term.  Please keep playing the game in your packs and letting your children demonstrate their phonic knowledge by teaching you how to read “real” and “alien” words!

Miss Hardie and Mrs Powell