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Sports Funding 2016-2017

GRANT INCOME £8,710 £8,806
Carry forward from 2015-16 £96
Area of Focus Objective Funding Use Cost Impact Evidence
Sports equipment To ensure playground offers good quality range of sports courts etc. Playground markings £5,500 Children playing different games / interacting with environment Observation
CPD To enable a staff member to complete the NPECTs training and then be able to teach PE Fees for course £1,600 High quality PE lessons taught Observations, Learning Walks, Pupil Voice
Participation in tournaments / swimmng To provide greater opportunities to travel to events & lessons Coach hire £1,260 Greater participation for more children to be involved in team sport  Photographs and school sports reports
Teaching and after school clubs To provide high quality PE teaching across the school Salary for NPETCSs TA £5934.84
High quality teaching and learning leading to greater uptake of extra curricular clubs Lesson observations, photographs, website reports, displays and registers
Swimming  To ensure childrren can swim at least the required distance by end of KS2. Coaching & Pool costs  £360 Children leave being able to swim at least 25 m, many can do more. Assessments
School records
Total     £14,704    
Total available     £8,806    
BALANCE     -£5,898