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Chestnut Class



This half term our learning enquiry focus will be:

What Adventure Shall We Have Today?

This term Chestnut Class will be finding out about different types of transport, different landscapes near and far, far away and the animals that can be found in these places.

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development/RE we will be learning about Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam with a particular focus on the symbols and beliefs that are important to people from these faiths.

In Communication, Language and Literacy/English we will be continuing to use the whole school Talk 4 Writing approach to help us develop as readers and writers. As you can tell from our learning enquiry, we will be focusing on places and animals.  The stories “The Train Ride”, “Aliens Love Underpants” and “Walking Through the Jungle” are going to help us use our imagination to create new train, space and jungle adventures. We are going to use our planned trip to “Jimmy’s Farm” to help us write a recount of everything that we saw and did when we were there.

We are really amazing at reading and writing an amazing range of letters.  This term we will be continuing to practice these sounds as well as learning some more complicated ones. Watch out for your child talking about digraphs and two syllable words!  Our Year 1 children will be taking the Year 1 Phonics' Screening Check shortly. Please continue to help us by playing the games and practising the sounds in the packs that were shared with you during our parents' meeting.

In our reading time we will be learning how to use our voices to make the story sound really interesting.  We will also be developing our comprehension skills by talking about what might happen next and answering questions based on what we have been reading.  These are great activities that you can do together as you share your child’s reading book.

In Physical Development/PE we will be learning how to play different team games and practicing our athletic skills in readiness for Sports’ Day. Our PE sessions take place on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings. Can you make sure that if your child has long hair, it is tied back, and if they wear earrings that these are either taken out or taped up. Please make sure your child has their PE bag, with everything named (including the bag) on Monday morning. As the weather has started to get warmer, many of our sessions will be outside.  Please make sure that your child has suitable PE clothes (trainers, black shorts, white t-shirt) with them. PE bags will come home with your child every Friday so that they can be refreshed for the next week!

In Maths we will be continuing to practice our addition and subtraction skills using 2 digit numbers.  We will be moving on to multiplication, through learning how to count and group objects in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Our outdoor car wash will help us to continue to learn how to count money, including using and counting with 2p’s, 5p’s and 10p’s! Our bus and train station will give us a great opportunity to practice telling the time, not just using “o’clock” but moving on to “half past” and solving time problems.

In Understanding the World/Science, Geography, Design Technology, Computing we will be learning to name different animals and describe them using their different characteristics. We are continuing to nurture our garden area and have recently submitted evidence to support our Level 1 and 2 awards to the Royal Horticultural Society’s “Gardening for Schools” scheme.  We will be making links with our core books in literacy to help us talk about and describe key natural and human features in different landscapes.  In computing we will be using the iPad and our talking books to create our own versions of our core book stories.  In Design Technology we will be creating different vehicles on both large and small scales. Watch out for a fleet of buses, trains and possibly space ships landing soon!

In Expressive Arts and Design/Art and Music we will be exploring how to use lots of different collage materials to help us create pictures. Our house, car wash, train and bus station and space station will help us to learn about different jobs and experiences. In music we will be learning new songs based on transport and using instruments to create music and dance pieces to accompany these.  We will be busy learning some amazing songs and dance routines for our Summer Singing Extravaganza in the amphitheatre! 

Thank you to everyone who has completed last term’s homework challenge activities.  We have created a gallery in the cloakroom where we can display the amazing pictures, photos and models that have been brought in.  This term’s challenge sheet is now in your child’s homework book and includes lot of outdoor and making challenges!

Reading books will be changed twice a week and will complement the reading that your child is involved with in class.  New sounds and word cards will continue to be sent home every fortnight. Please can you make sure you comment and sign in the reading log so we know when books need changing. 

We have added to the collection of phonics’ games that are available to borrow.  These are kept in the basket in the cloakroom area. If you would like to borrow one of these please come in and see us at the beginning or the end of the day.

Dr Hardie, Mrs Powell and Mrs Buckfield