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Chestnut Class

Welcome to the very first Chestnut Class page! It’s been a busy and exciting summer transforming three spaces but watching the children who visited last week it’s all been very worthwhile! Thank you to all the parents who donated their time to clean and resources for our new mud kitchen, outdoor writing area and garden area – we really couldn’t have made such a great space with you.  In our learning our younger Chestnut children will explore the Early Years Foundation Stage and our older Chestnut children will explore the National Curriculum.


It’s very fitting that our first enquiry question for the year is:

Who am I?

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development/RE we will be finding out about new friends, becoming familiar with our new environments, exploring different emotions and discovering what Christians believe God is like.  We will also be celebrating Harvest Festival as part of our whole school community celebrations.

In Communication, Language and Literacy/English we will be using the whole school Talk 4 Writing approach to learn stories and rhymes and use these to help us create our own versions.  The children will be learning about letter sounds (phonics) and be introduced to our whole school cursive writing approach to help them write their names and important words.

In Physical Development/PE we will be developing our large and small muscles to help us with our drawing, painting and writing and exploring how to keep ourselves healthy. In PE will be learning how to run, jump, throw and catch as well as developing our balancing skills. Our PE sessions take place on Monday mornings (Reception children), Friday mornings (Year 1 children) and Tuesday afternoon (everyone). Please make sure your child has their PE bag, with everything named (including the bag) on Monday morning. These will come home with your child every Friday so that they can be refreshed for the next week!

In Maths we will reading, writing and ordering numbers to 10 and 20 as we explore birthdays and house numbers.  We will be using our hands, feet and tape measures to measure the length and height of different things and to compare sizes.

In Understanding the World/Science, History, Design Technology, Computing we will be exploring our senses and learning about how we have changed since we were babies.  We are going to learn how to use the iPad to take photographs and record our singing. We are going to be finding out about the different houses we live in and learning how to cook some delicious recipes!

In Expressive Arts and Design/Art and Music we will be learning how to use different types of paints to create some amazing portraits and look at the work of other artists including Kandinsky, Klee and Picasso to help us try out some different ideas. Our house, construction shed and shoe shop role play will all help us to learn about different jobs and experiences. In music we will be learning new songs and how to use instruments to accompany these songs.

The final part of our learning enquiry will be a trip to Pizza Express in Kings Lynn where we are going to become pizza making experts!  Some of the cost of this trip will be met from the proceeds of last year’s Bake Sales that has not been spent.

Towards the end of this half term we will be inviting you to a family session where you can learn about how we teach handwriting and phonics to your children.  We will be giving you lots of ideas about how you can continue to support their learning in these areas at home.

Each half term the children will be given a homework challenge sheet.  This will include lots of different activities that you can explore together around our enquiry question. You can complete them in any order that you like!

Dr Hardie, Mrs Ball, Mrs Powell and Mrs Buckfield