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Elm Class

Welcome to Elm class

Spring Term 2019

So far this term Elm class have immersed themselves in Ancient Greek Myths. Now, in the second half of the spring term, in our literacy sessions we are following the Talk 4 Writing scheme to create our own Myths. In this unit of work children will create a fictional text about defeating a monster. Children recently completed a ‘cold task’ writing activity, which will be used to highlight areas of focus for our coming English and SPAG sessions.

This half-term Elm class are focussing on the Roman empire in their Topic sessions. We will be focussing on the spread of the empire, the invasion of Britain, Roman Gods and Goddesses and Boudicca’s rebellion. We will also be investigating which aspects of Roman civilisation/culture were brought over during the process.

In Science we will be investigating balanced and unbalanced forces, gravity and friction. Each week children will be carrying out practical experiments in order to conduct their own investigations, answering enquiry questions related to forces. This practical approach will also encourage children to think scientifically and record their results precisely, to ensure their findings are accurate.

In Maths we are starting to look at fractions. In this unit children will extend their knowledge of fractions and connect this to decimals and measures; connect equivalent fractions to division with remainders and move from this to improper and mixed fractions. Children have already been engaged in a number of investigations in which they must use their understanding of fractions to equally share amounts between a certain number of people. Elm were very enthusiastic to use fractions in order to share chocolate out equally to all class members.

In Art, because of the recent fabulous weather, we will be conducting some of our sessions outside to allow children to practice their observational drawing and sketching skills. Outside sessions will also encourage children to observe and appreciate the natural environment around the school. 

Elm class are all very keen, motivated and passionate about their music sessions with Mr Taylor. Mr Taylor has commended the students of Elm for their focus and drive in recorder lessons.

If you have any ideas or resources which you think would help with any of our learning topics, then please contact the school office and ask for any of our teaching team of:

Mr J Stratton and Mrs Stroud



Autumn Term 2018

This year Elm class will be following the National Curriculum for Year 4, with appropriate differentiation for Year 5. This half term we will be investigating UK and world mountain ranges, to answer our prime learning inquiry question: 

How could you survive in an extreme environment?    

We will begin the term by exploring what is meant by an extreme environment and the class will use their Outdoor Learning session to carry out an investigation into what kinds of materials can help to protect human beings from the extremes of weather?  The children will build shelters using both natural and man-made materials and use data loggers to compare the external and internal temperatures. They will need to think carefully about the effects of exposure and how to protect themselves against the elements. 

In  Literacy we will be focusing on instruction texts and the children will be producing Bear Gryll's style survival guides to help someone survive an extreme environment. Effective instructions rely on so much more than the text; therefore the children will use their ICT lessons to accompany their writing with helpful images and diagrams to produce an instructional text that is both appealing to the eye and easy to follow. 

In guided reading, the class will be exploring non-fiction texts, focusing on the following reading objectives: 

  • To identify different writing genres and  say how two contrasting texts are similar and how they are different.

  • To confidently retrieve relevant information from non-fiction texts.

  •  To identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning, showing general awareness of writer's craft.

  • To check that the text makes sense to them, discussing their understanding and explaining the meaning of words in context.

Please keep an eye on our class blog which will keep you updated on what Elm have been up to each week. 

Our focus in geography this half term is on UK and world mountain ranges and the children will:

  • Locate key mountain ranges of the world and compare them to key areas of higher ground in the UK.
  • Describe the key features of a mountain range.
  • Explain how different types of mountains are formed.
  • Describe a mountainous climate.
  • Describe how tourism affects mountain regions.

Throughout this topic, the children will be in role as members of a mountain rescue team. Part of their challenge  is to consider how to lower  the number of injuries on the mountain range where they are based. To help resolve this issue, they will use their DT lessons to create paper-mache 3D maps of the mountain range that will highlight the key features of a mountain as well as identifying potential accident hotspots. 

In science the class will continue to explore how extreme environments affect humans and mammals as well as investigating how some materials are better thermal insulators than others.



In Numeracy we will be sharpening skills and knowledge in:

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages - 

  • Recognising and using thousandths and relating them to tenths, hundredths and decimal equivalents.
  • Reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers with up to three decimal places.

  • Comparing and ordering fractions whose denominators are all multiples of the same number. 

  • Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator and multiples of the same number.

  • Multiplying proper fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers, supported by materials and diagrams. 

  • Identifying, naming and writing equivalent fractions of a given fraction, represented visually, including tenths and hundredths.

    Mr Scott will be teaching PE this half term on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings. The children will require an indoor kit (white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers). 

If you would like to study our planned learning in more detail, please click on the pdf below to our Curriculum Map! Coming Soon 

If you have any ideas or resources which you think would improve our learning enquiry topic, then please contact the school office and ask for any of our teaching team of:

Mrs Cox, Mrs Turner and Mrs Stroud