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Meet the MRT (Mountain Rescue Team)

Read more about our Mantle of the Expert Imaginative Inquiry...

Today we were lucky enough to be joined by Tim Taylor who kicked off our new topic with an action packed adventure on Mount Everest! Tim specialises in Mantle of the Expert, a drama based teaching strategy that involves the creation of a fictional world where students assume the roles of experts in a designated field. The day was structured around the rescue of an experienced climber who made the mistake of climbing alone and getting into trouble after a serious fall. The children planned the rescue, turning the classroom into the MRC (Mountain Rescue Centre) and very much getting into role as helicopter pilots, navigators and even surgeons!I also spent most of the day in role as the injured climber and nearly had my leg (the wrong one may I add) amputated as well as being resuscitated by the highly skilled medics. The class were unbelievably creative and fully embraced this approach to learning; Myself and Tim were massively impressed with them. A great day had by all!